Bean to Cup For the Perfect Coffee


For the true coffee connoisseur there’s nothing more important than being in charge of every step in the process.

That means selecting your own specific type of bean, even mixing varieties for the perfect blend. Feel the smooth texture of the whole beans, and the tactile joy of grinding, releasing those heady aromas.

Then there’s the almost therapeutic process of brewing; the palpable scent percolating out into the room as your drink is produced one delicious drip at a time. Then relax and enjoy what you’ve created.

For the perfect brew you’ll need the right equipment, and that starts with the grinder.

There are a number of things to consider when grinding your coffee, and it all comes down to giving you more choice. The fineness of the final product will determine the taste, so you need a machine with consistent results, and those with burr grinders come highly recommended by people in the know.

These machines can also give you a little extra help, like the Sage Smart Grinder with a handy LCD screen which lets you select exactly what you want every time. There are 25 settings to choose from and a large capacity bean hopper, though we suggest you only make as much as you’re going to use to ensure freshness.

Of course, you can also get coffee machines with integrated grinders, depositing the grounds straight into the filter so you don’t waste a single moment.

The Sage Barista Pro Coffee Machine has a built in grinder and delivers up the goods in as little as a minute. It has instant hot water for those cold cups and a milk frother to serve up lattes and cappuccino.

If you feel like you’re truly ready to take on the challenge of becoming an at-home barista the Sage Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is the one for you. If offers up a fully manual option to give you total control about the caffeine injection into your cup of coffee.

It also has plenty of automatic modes which delivers a perfect cappuccino in seconds and unique technology which ensures more even flavours in every sip. And it will even warm your cup for the ultimate brew.

Satisfy all of your coffee needs at Harvey Norman – in store or online.

Espresso – a classic shot (or double!) of caffeine goodness with a rich taste. 30ml per shot and served in a small glass.
Latte – espresso, milk and a topping of foam for a lighter flavour. Mix 35ml of milk with a shot and ideally served in an elegant tall glass.
Americano – a shot topped off with water, for a delicate flavour. More water than coffee and in a nicely sized mug.
Mocha – full of flavour; froth and milk with the added delight of hot chocolate. Equal amounts of coffee and chocolate, topped with a little steamed milk.
Cappuccino – simple but delightful; a game of thirds between espresso, steamed milk and foam, and served with a nice head.

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