How often should you REALLY turn your mattress?


We always say that a good mattress is vital to good health. Not getting enough sleep – or getting bad quality sleep – DOES have a negative physical affect. Trust us. While we can’t stop you from watching *one more* episode of your favourite TV show before bed, we can help you with improving your sleep quality.

Keeping your mattress in good shape is the first and foremost way to encourage better sleeping. And the key to this is turning and rotating your mattress regularly.

Most of us sleep on the same side and in the same position every night. And if you share your bed, your sleeping partner is most likely a different size and weight to you. Turning your mattress ensures that each side gets even use, which means it’s less likely to sag, lose its supportive qualities or gain uncomfortable lumps and bumps over time. It also means you won’t have to replace it as often, so you’re saving yourself cash as well as all that tossing and turning.

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So how often should you turn a mattress? The Sleep Council recommends you replace your mattress after 8 years, so using that time frame you should be turning it every 3 – 6 months. That’s 3 months for a mattress you sleep on most nights or 6 months for one that’s used often but not regularly (a guest bed for example).  You should use your own judgement however as every mattress and every sleeper is different.

As well as turning your mattress (i.e. flipping it 180 degrees) you should also rotate it from head to toe. Again this ensures even use – your head and shoulders are heavier than your feet, remember.

Next question: how do you turn a mattress?

Firstly you need to pull it a few feet away from the bed frame – and don’t forget to move nearby furniture out of the way! Next, push it upwards so it’s standing on its edge. Finally, move to the opposite side of the bed and lower the mattress back down so that it lies flat. If you’re rotating, at this stage you’ll need to grab one end and pull it around to the opposite end of the bed frame (a helper may be necessary for this). Just remember to do everything slowly, carefully, and without bending the springs.


Still seem like too much effort? Then there’s something important you should know. There is such a thing as ‘no-turn’ mattresses. These are mattresses that have been specifically designed with springs on the bottom and padding on the top instead of springs in the middle and padding all around. More often than not they include memory foam or a pillow-top box for added support, comfort and general loveliness.

If you turn a no-turn mattress you’re in for a terrible night’s sleep, because you’ll be lying more or less directly on the springs. So you never need to turn them (yay!), but you should still rotate them regularly. Remember: DO NOT TURN A NO-TURN MATTRESS. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Don’t forget to check out our range of no-turn and turnable mattresses for your next replacement. Sleep Better!

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