Fades Are The Hairstyle Of Choice For Men In 2016


In recent years, we’ve seen an evolution of the short back and sides haircut with men taking more liberties with what they do up top.

The pompadour, a classic style with slicked or swept back hair, has grown in popularity. This year’s trends take the classic pomp and update it to produce some big hair styles that are a bit longer and looser.

We’re seeing a fade style an awful lot more. This keeps the sides nice and trim, but there’s a lot that you can do with this style. Some people embrace a high fade, transitioning into a longer hair style immediately. Up top, you can go for a long, messy style; a classic pompadour, of varying lengths; a fine hard part; or even long wavy hair.

Some really intriguing styles implement a balded fade, which sees your hair at the sides get shorter and shorter until it’s completely shorn. This can transition into a disconnected beard or a clean shaven face.

There’s a lot that you can do with the hair on your head aside from the standard cut. Why not experiment and see what you can do. And thanks to products like the BaByliss 22 Piece Pro Clipper Kit let you find your own style in the comfort of your home

It features 12 clipper cutting guides from grade one to grade ten, which offers cutting lengths from 3mm to 32mm, and 2 taper cutting guides so that you can take care of the line around your ear. Meanwhile, its diamond sharpened blades ensure a clean cut each and every time, so you can stay looking fresh.


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