Creating the Perfect Nursery Space

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Your little one is on the way and while you’re getting ready for the big day to arrive you can also start putting the pieces together to create a perfect nursery space.

Your bundle of joy will be spending a lot of time in this room so it’s important to not only make a place where they can be warm and safe and secure but to also spare a thought for the future as they grow and their needs change.

Paint First
No matter what shade your choosing take a minute to plan to paint first. It’s so much easier with a stripped back room where you don’t have to worry about messing up the floor or getting flecks on new furniture.

It’s also a great way to completely refresh a space. Brighten it up with neutral colours or take things down a notch with darker shades. And leave plenty of room for other touches like characters or posters on the wall.

Measure and Measure Again
No matter what furniture you’re planning on including in the room, make doubly sure that it’s going to fit.

That means measuring and then doing it again. Try it with the door or window open and closed, consider how far the drawers might swing out into the room and how much play area you think you might need. And always plan on plenty of storage.

Shop Smart
Your perfect little bouncing boy or girl isn’t going to stay so small forever, so why not plan for the future.

You can get cots that transition into a first proper bed and baby changing trays that affix to the top of chest of drawers. That provides plenty of room for you and your little one to grow, and for them to become used to the furniture rather than changing every couple of years.

Try out the Alaska 3-In-1 Sleigh Cotbed which will be there through infancy, toddler tumbles and everyday naps.

Make it Their Space and Yours
Every child is different, just like every parent has a unique perspective on the world and every home a special ambience of its very own.

So don’t go overboard when preparing the room, working on the essentials first like safety and comfort. The other elements will be defined in time based on their needs and desires, on where and how you play together and the random items you bring back from a walk or the beach.

The perfect nursery for you is the one that you can be safe and warm and happy in with your little one, for many years to come.

If you need help getting the room ready for the big day, pop into your local Harvey Norman store.


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