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Cleaning and tidying at home is a task that we all have to do but it doesn’t always have to be a chore!

Now we can’t conjure up a magical assistant to take all of the work out of cleaning but Harvey Norman does have a range of helpful products to make your life easier when it comes to getting your home spotless.

It’s important to have your tools easily to hand for regular cleaning and that’s where the Dyson Stick vacuum cleaner comes in. With powerful suction at all angles, a range of heads and a boost mode for stubborn areas, it’s always to hand and ready to work.


Cylinder or Stick?
It’s important to think about your home and habits when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Stick models are highly versatile and portable, making them great for stairs and hard to reach places. But they have a limited battery life so are better for short bursts. Cylinder models are larger and work off the mains so they’re better suited to settling in for a major cleanup or for larger homes.

Making a habit of cleaning is a good first step but you also need the right tools – like a good strong cloth which is machine washable and simple but effective cleaning products. Buy in bulk to avoid running out and having an excuse to skip a day.

The more often you clean the less effort it will take. Consider scheduling a clean at least once a week and spend an hour rather than a day scrubbing at ground-on stains, giving you more time to relax or entertain.

Keep things simple and smart around the house:

  • wash dishes as you go, it’s a quick fix which makes a big difference
  • soak spills as they happen, because they’re a nightmare later
  • file away bills and other post as you get them, your future self with be thankful
  • leave shoes at the door – and the dirt stays with them!
  • don’t be afraid to throw things out, if it has the potential to be clutter, bin it!


Oven cleaning can be a particular chore, with burnt on food and grease in hard to reach places. A great solution is an oven with a pyrolytic cleaning mode like this Electrolux. Simply set up the mode and remove the trays and shelves inside, as the interior goes white hot, reducing any built up dirt to ash over a couple of hours. Wipe it away and you’re all done.



Size Matters – Washing Machine Sizes Made Simple

Washing machines come with a range of different drum sizes, we stock models from 5kg up to a roomy 13kg. While you’ll certainly fit more clothes into a model with a larger drum size, it’s important to note that the machine itself stays the same size – so there’s no need for an extra large bay in your home to accommodate it.


Cleaning is never going to be your favourite task around the house but with these top tips and a range of helpful products from Harvey Norman, you can power through your chores in no time, so you can get on with the rest of your life!

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