Banish Frizz With BaByliss Brilliant Shine

Air-conditioning, pollution and man-made fibres can all cause a build-up of static electricity in hair and leave it looking frizzy. The powers that be at Babyliss turned to science for a solution to frizz and came up with the Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush that uses an ionic generator. So, how does it work and, most importantly, does it work?

The Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush looks just like an ordinary hair brush, with one key difference. In the middle of the head is a hole, inside of which is a tiny set of bristles. These emit a cloud of negatively charged atoms, or ions. Hair has a natural positive charge that causes hair strands to be repelled from one another, which causes frizz, so these negative ions force the strands to lay straight alongside each other. When the hair cuticle is flattened, hair typically is softer and has more volume.

So then, does this battery-powered wonder brush work? Well, “yes” is the short answer. While turning the hair brush on doesn’t result in any immediately apparent change, you’ll notice the difference immediately if you have dry or coarse hair. If your hair is in pretty good shape when you take the brush out of the box, but you want to put it to the test, you can generate static with a balloon and watch how the brush tames your mane.

The BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush isn’t quite a magical brush. It won’t go so far as to fully repair damaged hair, for example, but damaged hair will take on a more healthy looking appearance. It’s as close to magic as you can get, really.

This gadget costs less than a good-quality bristle brush and you’ll save a fortune on hair serums and smoothers. The BaByliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush does a fantastic job of taming fly-away strands of hair and if used in combination with an Ionic hair dryer, nothing will stop you from keeping your hair looking glossy and smooth.

In Short: We went hands on with the BaByliss Brilliant Shine Hair Brush to see if it really can tame frizz and how it actually does it.

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