Top 5 Travelling Companions


Leaving on a jet plane?Here comes the summer?California Dreaming? (Bit of a stretch, that one.)

Well, whether you’re commuting on business or vacationing for a little culture, we have handily narrowed down the top five technological travelling companions you’ll need for your holidays!

Sol Republic Speaker DeckIf music can lift you up and carry you from mundane woes, then imagine what coupling this with a sandy beach or lush forest could achieve. The Sol Republic Speaker Deck is the ideal companion for blaring your music from the literal mountaintops. With full 360 degrees sound alongside NFC and Bluetooth for you and up to five friends, you can take turns setting the mood for your little escape.€199

Bose QuietComfort 3 Noise Cancelling HeadphonesThe bustle and chatter of either a frantic business environment or lively tourist hotspot can occasionally grate on even the calmest nerves. The QuietComfort 3 from Bose will come in handy here, thanks to their noise cancelling tech. This high quality, immersive, on-ear Headphones boast high performance noise reduction at home, in work or on the go. Rich audio also underlines musical nuances. And with an average of 25+ hours of use on a single charge, the QuietComfort 3 becomes the ideal audio travelling companion.


Wenger Pillar Laptop BackpackBe you on an adventure holiday, a cultural retreat, a beach bound vacation or just hiking up the side of a particularly scenic mountain, you’ll need somewhere to stash your stuff. You might as well make that somewhere the Wenger Pillar Laptop Backpack – it’s got a specific compartment for laptop storage, comfortable Airflow back padding, a stabilising platform at the base and an essentials organiser within… ideal for housing the other items on this list.


Nikon S3500 Digital CameraEven if you are away on business, chances are you can squeeze in some sight-seeing over lunch! And if photography isn’t your strong suit, the Nikon S3500 does all the hard work for you. This sleek, small 20.1 megapixel point and shoot with 7 x Optical Zoom is moulded to your palm-grip. The slim Nikon S3500 is ideally crafted to rest in your pocket most of the time before being whipped out to take a few quick pics of something memorable.

Reduced from €119 to €97

“Ok, here’s the plan…” NotebookPen and paper might be frowned upon in some circles. But even if this tech is “archaic”, it’s also tangible, reliable and convenient. Just keep it in the back pocket of your shorts and scribble down your thoughts and musings as they occur. Colourful, quirky and best of all, it won’t run out of charge at the most inopportune moment.


In Short: A compilation of the top five must have technological travelling companions when going away either on holiday or a quick business trip

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