Novelty beds make bedtime more fun!


Your child may not be old enough to follow in the footsteps of Lewis Hamilton or Danica Patrick just yet, but they can live out their dreams of being the next racing sensation with the assistance of a racing car bed. Or maybe you need a little bit of help in getting them up in the morning. Your little one will be a lot more sprightly and ready to bounce out of bed when a trip down a slide is in store.

Harvey Norman stocks a range of novelty beds to make sleep time and getting up a little more of a treat. Shop the full range of boring, i.e. conventional, and novelty beds online at Harvey Norman.





Kids today will never know the jealousy that many Simpsons fans felt when Milhouse’s dad got to sleep in a race car bed. Instead, they actually get to sleep in a race car bed! Both feature a spoiler at the headboard end, 3D wheels, and enclosed sides so that they don’t fall out if traction control fails them.




A slide makes it more fun, or at least quicker, to get out of bed in the morning. The Popsicle Midsleeper Bed Frame looks great in a choice of finishes and it’s a bit different than your average bed.





The Popsicle collection also includes an all-in-one fun zone of sorts. The Popsicle Fabric Tent gives kids a roof over their head, a unique play space, and an area to hide all their toys and clutter. It’s also available in a range of bright and beautiful colours.




The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is bound to have your child dreaming of the wonders of space. This Galactic Starship bed will shape the experience thanks to its amazing design and blue LED lights and warp them into their adventure.

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