Beating those Winter Weather Warnings


Storm Desmond caused just a touch of havoc around the country last week, and the wintery weather doesn’t show any signs of abating yet (unlucky for us). It can put a damper on any outdoor plans you may have, but on the plus side it means lots of snuggly nights in by the fire and early nights in warm beds. Here are some top tips for staying cozy during this stormy season…

  • Before bedtime, take some light exercise. Trust us on this one! A short stroll around the block for 10 minutes will boost your circulation, thus warming you up in time for bed. If adverse weather is making that task difficult, try a spot of cleaning like sweeping the floors or unloading the dishwasher. Just don’t get make it too vigorous or you’ll be overly energised and unable drift off. 
  • Take a warm bath or a warm drink like milk or camomile tea before bed. It helps warm up your body and creates that sleepy, relaxed feeling you need when you’re about to doze off. Just don’t make it too large of a glass or you’ll wake up a few hours later with a full bladder. 
  • After your warm bath or drink (or both), you’ll no doubt want to change into some cuddly pyjamas. Take note: natural fibres retain the heat much better than synthetic materials. So think wool, cotton, or silk for a warm and cozy sleeping ensemble. 
  • Your bedroom should be warm, but not too warm. Make sure there are no pesky draughts, but avoid stuffiness by turning off the heating an hour before bed. Scientific studies show that a cool room is best for going to sleep, but we won’t blame you if you want some extra warmth during sub zero temperatures! 
  • Cover yourself up with a good quality duvet with a high tog rating. Our duvets at Harvey Norman go up to 13.5 togs, which is more than adequate for an Irish winter. If you’re a warm sleeper and find yourself waking up during the night in a flush, consider two or three lighter duvets instead. They’ll trap all that warm air and you can easily thrown one off if you get too warm. 
  • If you’re a cold sleeper on the other hand, some extra heat never goes astray. An electric blanket is an excellent investment. All come with various heat settings to get your bed to that right temperature when you slip between the sheets. For a more environmentally friendly option, a hot water bottle (with a cover to avoid cold feet in the morning) works just as well.
  • Finally for a hint of added luxury, a soft fleecy sleeping surface will provide the ultimate comfort. Look for a mattress with a velour surface cover – once you touch it, you’ll never settle for anything else. If a new mattress is beyond your budget, a mattress topper is a worthy alternative; it adds an extra layer of comfort, support, and warmth with luxurious memory foam.

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