Essential Things To Do When Upgrading Your Mattress

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Buying a mattress is a little bit different from buying something like a coffee machine or a lamp. All are essential items to have in your home of course, but a mattress is a) much more expensive b) expected to last much longer and c) has a greater effect on your overall health than the others do. Therefore more factors than price and size need to be considered when you’re planning an upgrade. Don’t even think about handing over your money until you’ve done all of the below…

Discover your Sleep Needs

Obviously if you’ve decided to upgrade your mattress, there’s either something wrong with your current mattress or there’s something else going on that’s causing your quality of sleep to be less than it should. With that in mind, take some time to pinpoint just what it is that gives you a satisfying – or unsatisfying – sleep.

If you wake up with aches and pains that have no immediate cause, it’s most likely because of a poor sleeping posture – meaning that your mattress isn’t giving you the support you need in the right places. If you find yourself waking up at night because you’re too warm, then the inner materials of your mattress are working against you. Gel mattresses are an easy solution to this problem; a layer of gel cubes (or in some cases memory foam infused with gel crystals) works to deflect heat and help you sleep at your natural body temperature.

Decision Time

Next it’s time to make some important decisions based on your sleep needs. First and foremost, which is more important to you – comfort or support? Most mattresses cater for one more so than the other. If comfort is a priority, look for indulgent memory foam. If support is more in line with your needs, opt for pocket springs – generally speaking, the more pocket springs in a mattress the more supportive it will be. Instead of traditional open coil springs, pocket springs are individually wrapped in fabric pockets and packed tightly together, so each one takes your weight individually for contouring support.

Of course there’s always the option of getting the best of both. Some mattresses can be tailored to your needs, offering more comfort on one side and more support on the other; ideal if your sleep preferences differ from your partner’s.

Take a Nap!

When the time comes to visit stores and try out some mattresses, there’s only one way to really get a feel for your potential new bed; hop on, lie back, and doze off! Trust us; this is a common occurrence in bedding stores, so there’s no need to be embarrassed. It’s why the display models are there in the first place! Don’t just lie on your back to see how it feels – get comfortable and ease yourself into your natural sleeping position. Stay there for several minutes – again, the store staff will be more than used to this happening and won’t mind in the slightest.  If you can get comfortable easily, it’s a good sign. And if you actually do fall asleep, even better!

Size It Up

Now, let’s talk size. Of course, your bedroom’s measurements and the space your bed has to fit in are important considerations. In this scenario, most people’s thought process is ‘my last mattress was a double, I’ll just go with that again’. However, don’t neglect the space you have when you’re in bed. Two people sharing a double bed actually end up with less individual space than one person in a single bed. Yes, really! With less space to stretch or move, your body ends up with bad sleeping posture and you’re more likely to have joint, back or muscular pain in the long term. If you can afford the space, definitely consider upgrading to a king or super king size.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Having invested money in a brand spanking new mattress, you’ll no doubt want to keep it in top condition for as long as possible. So don’t forget to pick up some extras that will do just that – namely, a mattress protector! For an added layer of comfort and indulgence, a mattress topper will make your new mattress even more dream inducing. And for the finishing touch, a new duvet and pair of pillows is in order for that fully fresh and new feeling.

Sleep tight!

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