Remington Hair Masterclass at Harvey Norman: Part 1

remington (1)

Recently we caught up with Danielle, hair stylist at Remington, who gave us a hands-on hair tutorial of the latest and best hairstylers on the market. Our four models were each given different looks of their choice that can be easily recreated at home; whether you’re a professional stylist or not!

First up was Clare, who wanted a ‘salon curly’ blow dry – i.e. loose curls with a bit of bounce. To best create this style, Danielle recommended using the Remington Silk Ceramic Rollers.


These rollers are the must-have item to give you salon smooth, bouncy curls in a matter of minutes; with more volume and lasting power than ever before, too. They come in a 20 piece set containing both heated rollers and clips, so you’ll be armed with everything you need to create those ultra voluminous curls.Clare-During

As well as that, these rollers are kind to your hair thanks to a velvety-soft, easy-grip surface that clings whilst minimising slippage. Each piece will stay perfectly in place, with no snags or pulls. They take just 5 minutes to heat and 5-15 minutes in the hair for a beautiful curl. Both the clips and the rollers heat, so you have warmth coming from the inside and outside.

Top Tips from Danielle:

For best results, keep the rollers in for as long as possible. Although the hair will be ready within 15 minutes max, the longer you leave them in, the more full and bouncy the final result will be.

When applying the rollers, keep them upright pointing towards the top of your head. This will avoid any kinks or bends in the hair.

Here’s the amazing final result. Who needs to go the salon when you can get this look in your own home?


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