Share the Joy this Christmas with these remarkable Ridley’s board games

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You don’t have to break the bank to give a great gift this Christmas. This selection of brilliant board games are guaranteed to give you and yours hours of festive fun this holiday season.

So turn of the TV and get ready to test your wits!

Ridley’s Games Poker Set


This Texas Hold ‘Em poker set includes a full set of chips and stylish playing cards with bold graphic print, meaning whether you win or lose a hand will always look good.

It’s ideal for games and tournaments with friends or family this Christmas, whether there’s two or ten players. The branded geometric box includes a full set of 200 chips, two packs of playing cards and full instructions.

With Christmas just around the corner, why not treat the poker enthusiast in your family or circle of friends to this delightful stocking filler.

Ridley’s Think Fast Game


Think Fast is the party game where you know all the answers!

Teams go head-to-head in three rounds of this fast-paced trivia quiz game. With each round the answers stay the same but the questions get harder, until you’re only given one word. You have 30 seconds to answer, so you need to think fast if you want to win. Get your random facts at the ready to solve questions on avocados, Darth Vader, reindeer and so much more!

Perfect for Christmas fun, this game includes 400 question cards, score pad, sand timer, pencil and instructions. Don’t forget to share your victories on social media using #thinkfastgame.

Ridley’s Games Compendium


Make the most of cosy nights in this Christmas with this fantastic games compendium.

All of the classics are included in this set: Backgammon, chess, Chinese checkers, dominoes, checkers, snakes and ladders, nine men morris, ludo, pick-up sticks and of course playing cards.

This ten in one set comes packaged in a funky geometric box, making it the perfect gift this holiday season.

Ding It Game


Whether there’s two or ten family members around the table this Christmas, the Ding It game is ideal for family fun.

This quick fire question game gives your opponent the option to ding you out if you hesitate too long, repeat a previous answer, or answer a question with “yes”, or “no”.

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