Key Tips to Buying Furniture for your First Home

Slide Extension Dining Table €699, Dot Aluminium Dining Chain €75, Noel Square Coffee Table €479

While buying your first home is one of the biggest decisions of your life, getting the keys to the front door is one of the most exciting. How you decide to decorate its interior is also important, so it’s good to get advice before you add any furniture. Thankfully the best in the business are here to help with a collection of tips and things to avoid. At Harvey Norman, we’ve decades of experience when it comes to advising the assembly of a home’s interior, with everything needed available under our roof.

We’ve gone to our experts to find Key Tips that make it easier for you to buy furniture for your first home. As well as the furniture featured below, we’ve every other piece you need available in-store and online.

Measure your front door!

You’d be amazed how many people take home furniture that just won’t fit through their front door. Before you make any trip to your local Harvey Norman, measure your front door. You can also check the specs of the product you’re after online and check its size against your door.

Measure the space you want to fill

As well as your front door you should also measure the space and room you intend on putting the furniture in. If it’s a wardrobe, make sure the doors can fully open. If it’s a corner sofa such as the Charm below, make sure your corner is big enough and that you’ve plenty of room to stretch out. Bear in mind that you might also want to add more furniture in the future!

Charm Corner Sofa €1,499

Take photos of the room to better help you visualise where the products will go

While our visual merchandisers do a fantastic job creating homely spaces within our stores, this is still a super tip to help you piece together the layout of the room you’re buying furniture for. By doing so you can reference the photos while you look at furniture. Will it work with the existing colour scheme? Will it work with the light? Does it suit other furniture you’ve already lined up? Our salespeople will also be able to get a better idea of what you’re after if you bring along photos, so get snapping!

Buying furniture that cannot be dis-assembled

Be careful if you’re planning to buy your furniture before moving in, as it’s important that particular furnishings should be capable of disassembly and reassembly. Wardrobes in particular such as the Zermatt featured below are ideal as they are designed to suit any home while also offering you an array of storage options. This also means that you can still get your desired wardrobe even if you’re tight on space.



It’s important to take into consideration the placement of windows in the room and measure their height in case your furniture can’t fit. You don’t want to get a sofa too high for the sill and you don’t want to get a wardrobe that blocks light and shuts it out completely when open.

The placement of your windows can also have a major impact on light. Depending on your colour scheme, your furniture could be positively or negatively affected by the direction of light. So be sure to picture how your furniture will look in the presence of light.

Do the slats of the bed void a mattress warranty?

Our final key tip is an important one for looking down the line. Your bed’s slats should allow for breathability and ventilation so you can get the most from your mattress. A mattress like the handcrafted Viscount which has a blended cover of cashmere, wool and silk needs to be maintained so you can get years upon years of sumptuous sleep.

You should also make sure to check what your mattress warranty includes, otherwise you might have some sleepless nights!

Viscount Double Mattress €3049

For all the furniture you need in your new home, shop online or in-store at your local Harvey Norman. We’ll be happy to bring it all together!

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