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Are you thinking of redesigning your teen’s bedroom and looking for ideas on how to do it right? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new addition now that your teen is entering their final years of school. Whatever the situation, Harvey Norman has you covered. Our choice of furniture in all departments makes it easy for you to put together a bedroom layout they will love. From study desks to larger beds, piecing together a foundation for their future is easy!

Bedroom Furniture


Available in single, small double and double sizes with a solid wood slatted base and centre support rail, the Lexington bed frame offers optimum support and ventilation no matter what type of mattress you choose to place on top. Perfect for your growing teen, it’s a sleek and simple bed that will withstand the passing of time and the changing seasons.


Proudly made in Ireland, the Felix drawer chest features three full width storage drawers for large items and two smaller drawers on top for small bits and pieces. The drawers feature chrome handles, easy open/close metal runners and safety catches, making it perfect for an active lifestyle. As well as this drawer chest there’s a wide selection of matching bedroom furniture available within the Felix range.

Study Space

Stockholm Office Set With Desk and Chair


This study set is perfect for mastering many subjects and getting that coveted A+. With its oil-treated tan leather upholstery and sumptuous padding, the Stockholm office chair is the perfect partner to the desk’s warm wood tones. A high contoured back promotes spinal alignment as your teen studies, with a six-point castor wheel base allowing for maximum flexibility. The desk has two drawers, plenty of leg room and a spacious top that can easily hold a laptop, books and a globe (always good for Geography!).



Homework can sometimes feel like a chore which is why it’s useful to create an environment that makes it feel like a hobby. The refreshing aesthetic delivered by the Porter makes it an enjoyable place to study and work. Its painted hardwood frame is complemented by its oak top which works wonders in a study space. With plenty of room for a computer and work material, it’s a piece designed to help your teen beat those daily deadlines.

 Office Chair

nest green

The Nest Office chair is perfect for the modern study space, with its curved arms and an adjustable height making it easy to knuckle down and concentrate on the important stuff. The steel legs feature five wheels which allow for easy navigation while the foam seating and curved back create a space where you can work in comfort.

Bean Bags

bean bag

Bean bags are a fantastic addition to any teen’s room as it gives them somewhere comfortable to kick back. Bean bags such as the Chillax above can be used as either a seat or extra bed for sleep-overs. By having a bean bag in their room, they can do their study and then take a break with a book in the relaxing comfort of virgin beans or memory foam. To check out our entire selection, click here.

For everything you need when redesigning your teen’s bedroom, shop online or in-store today.

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