Runner Essentials for Your First 5k Run


The Garmin Great Ireland Run 2018 takes place in the Phoenix Park in Dublin on Sunday, 15th of April, and as one of the chosen retail partners for this great running event, we’re posting some runner related blogs to help you get ready for your first 5k run.

These include training tips plus guides to the very best Garmin products you can purchase today that will help you prepare for a 5k run.

In today’s blog, we’re taking a quick look at some of the other essential (and non-essential!) running products first-time runners should definitely consider buying ahead of the run.

First up is a must-have for anybody taking part in any sort of physical activity; a water bottle!

This particular water bottle, the Bobble 550ml Bottle, is not only environmentally friendly in design but is also fitted with a powerful filter that removes chlorine from tap water for a better-tasting and more natural bottle of water.

Each filter lasts for around 300 uses, so you’ll only need to replace it a few times per year, and the bottle itself is comfortable to hold making it ideal for your first 5k run.

Of course you’re going to need more than water to get you ready for a 5k run, which is why we recommend investing in a decent health grill like the George Foreman 6 Portion Grill, a powerful yet easy-to-control health grill that comes with a temperature control function so you can cook your healthy meals exactly as you want them.Different people run for different reasons, some to get fit while others simply enjoy the act of motion, but regardless of why you started you should keep an eye on your weight and ensure you’re eating the right amount of calories required to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

The Nokia Body+ Smart Scale is the ideal body scales for new and expert runners alike and provides users with a detailed understanding of weight loss and what they need to do to achieve their ideal weight.

Preparing for your first 5k run may seem like a monumental task but with some discipline, dedication and a few choice purchases you’ll be faster than the Flash in no time.

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