Training Tips for Your First 5k Run Part 2

The Garmin Great Ireland Run returns to the Phoenix Park on Sunday, 15th of April, for another day of fantastic running events for the whole family.

As an official retail partner for this year’s event, we’ve decided to focus some of our resources on helping our readers to get ready for the big day, hence this blog!

You can find the first part of this blog here and please check back with us over the next few weeks as we’ll be publishing more running tips and insights.

  1. Little by Little

As you become more comfortable with your runs, you can start to increase the duration of your runs on a gradual basis. Don’t overdo it but instead incrementally increase your running time. It’s important to stick to a comfortable pace and remember to take walking breaks of 1 to 5 minutes if you’re tiring too quickly.

  1. Cooling Down

Cooling down is just as important as warming up and helps your body to recover after exercise. Walk an additional 5 minutes after a run rather than stopping suddenly. Slowly stretch the major muscles e.g. hamstrings, upper and lower back, groin etc., and make sure you refill your glycogen stores (the body’s long-term energy reserves) by consuming simple carbohydrates like chocolate milk or fruits after a run.

  1. Getting Stronger

You’ll want to increase your total body strength to ensure you’re fighting fit for your first 5k run, and the best way to do this by including core workouts in your routines (you can do this on your rest days). Push-ups, planks, body weight squats and abs exercises all improve your core strength so focus on these.

  1. Perfect Your Form

Keep in mind the following form tips when running:

  • A short and quick stride will limit the risk of injury
  • Land each step directly below the knee
  • Maintain a tall posture and avoid leaning forward
  • Always look ahead and never at the ground
  • Shorten your stride when going uphill and allow gravity to do its job when running downhill

We’ll have more tips and suggestions over the next few weeks for all the running newbies getting ready for their first 5k run!

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