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Home automation is all the rage and companies like Belkin are taking this space-age concept and making it accessible for anyone at a price that suits you.

The basic idea involves linking devices within your home. These systems generally use your home WiFi router to create a connected network, with the main benefit being that you can access its functionality even while you’re not at home, using a fully featured smartphone app.

Two of the most useful Belkin WeMo products are the Light System and Home Plug System.

Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Bulb Starter Kit

Turning your home lights on and off is a thing you do everyday, and its also something you could be doing in a way that’s much smarter.

That’s where the WeMo Wi-Fi Bulb Kit comes in. Essentially these are smart light bulbs which you connect to a central hub and then control in a number of ways. You can, of course, simply switch them on and off but you can also plan a detailed schedule for active times.

So your lights can come on as the sun is setting, making sure you don’t come home to a dark house. The bulbs can be set to dim over time to help you drift off to sleep and even programmed to come on in a random order (using a fancy algorithm) which simulates normal home use and can help make your house look occupied. Perfect for nights away or holidays.

The starter kit comes with two bulbs and the base unit but the system can control up to 50 devices, and the modular nature of WeMo means you can add all manner of different elements to the group.

Belkin WeMo Home Automation Switch

Beyond light bulbs, the WeMo system can help you keep track of the activity from anything in your house that uses an electrical socket.

With the Home Automation Switch, you can make sure that your devices are turned off, even if you’re away for the day. But that’s just the start – the sophisticated smartphone app will also keep track of your energy use, helping you to be more efficient and even giving you an idea of how much your spending on electricity.

You can schedule your devices to only operate during the cheaper night time hours and the app will let you know when your washing machine cycle has finished, so you’ll never have damp smelling clothes again!

The smart app allows you to check the status of any plugged in device from anywhere, perfect for that moment when you can’t remember if you turned off a heater at home. And it also allows you to switch on the same heater before you get home after a long day.

It’s all quick to install and easy to use, and as its entirely modular you can add new pieces to the overall WeMo system whenever you like. With movement sensors, baby monitors and more, this is just the beginning of your smart home future.

For more Belkin WeMo products, head to Harvey Norman.

In Short: Get ready for the smart home revolution with these easy and accessible systems from Belkin – smart switches and smart light bulbs!

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