CallyAnna’s ‘John Doe’



Harvey Norman’s Making Homes with Peter McVerry Trust campaign is lucky to have a group of individuals known as Everyday Heroes who are going above and beyond to raise funds and make a difference in the lives of the homeless. Now, a song has been created, dedicated to those suffering homelessness at this very minute. Ann Callaghan, (CallyAnna), has written an inspirational track titled ‘John Doe’ for the campaign. She said that when she heard about the campaign she felt “inspired” to do something and wrote this amazing song in less than 24 hours. The opening verse clearly sets the scene for the story;

“It’s cold where he huddles, in his shelter by the door

He knows when morning comes, he can’t stay there anymore

The cardboard box he broke down, helps keep the wind at bay

It’s life, it’s just existing, getting through another day.”

As we listen on CallyAnna details the trials this homeless man must go through each day. Our perception of the homeless is summarised in the final verse when CallyAnna sings;

“On this misty morn, another lonely dawn, he’ll be invisible, unseen.”

In the past we have often chosen to ignore the homeless on a personal level, instead choosing to believe it is a situation that will fix itself. However, we know this to be false and with our Making Homes campaign we hope to bring the situation, and the work Peter McVerry Trust do, to light, as well as fitting out 20 homes for the homeless.

If you would like to hear the complete track and help Ann in her fundraising efforts, simply visit the Everyday Hero page, where upon donating €3 you will receive the track and contribute to making the lives of the homeless better. Likewise, you can find out more about CallyAnna and her debut record, Lost At Sea here.

Have a listen to this short snippet of the powerful ‘John Doe’ below.

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