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This weekend sees the start of Harvey Norman’s 4 Day Mattress Sale, with massive discounts on all of our mattress brands, sizes and types.

It’s a great opportunity to pick up the perfect mattress for less, so we’re publishing a few blogs on the topic of mattresses over the next few days to help you determine what you should look for in your ideal mattress.

In this entry, we’re covering Harvey Norman’s range of high-quality mattresses.

Here at Harvey Norman we understand the importance of finding the right mattress for you, which is why we offer a range of sizes, fillings and brands to choose from.

We source 75% of our mattresses from Ireland and work closely with our suppliers to design mattresses to accommodate all types of sleepers and their various needs.

Our suppliers are on the cutting-edge of mattress technology and constantly impress us with their skill and experience.

For instance, Irish manufacturer Odearest has been producing mattresses for Irish homes for more than 100 years and specialises in top-quality pocket spring mattresses like the Tara, which features an incredible 800 individually placed pocket springs for maximum support.

Therapedic is a top-of-the-range Irish mattress manufacturer from Co. Meath renowned for its line of hypoallergenic mattresses such as the Majestic Dream, a no-turn mattress featuring air-permeable foam for improved breathability and protection against dust and other allergens.

Irish mattress manufacturer Wellbeing is a leading producer of highly supportive mattresses like the Pure Gel 23, a mattress that features minimal motion transfer thanks to its foam wall encased edge support system and one that is highly recommended for individuals who suffer from back pain.

Thermopure is Harvey Norman’s very own range of highly supportive mattress and includes standout models such as the Thermopure 30, an incredibly comfortable yet extremely supportive mattress fitted with a 20cm thick layer of Kaytex support foam in addition to 10cm of gel-infused memory foam for unrivalled posture support.

The final Irish mattress manufacturer we work with is King Koil, whose advanced mattresses like the Mighty Bed Original utilise a unique dual coil spring system that targets the areas of your body that need support the most.

We’ve got a wide range of top-quality mattresses in stock right now, so drop into your local Harvey Norman store or checkout our online Mattress selection to find out more about our amazing mattresses and how they can help you get a better night’s sleep.

For the very best in Beds, shop in-store or online.

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