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You spend around eight hours a day in your bedroom and how you feel in it can have a significant impact on your mood. Studies have shown that what you’re thinking when you go to bed affects how you sleep. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a retreat from the world where you can rest and relax. And since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, sometimes we need to rejuvenate it. Here are our top tips for rejuvenating your bedroom.

Clean and tidy:

Daily life is chaotic and clutter in the bedroom only adds to this. Make sure you keep your bedroom tidy and horizontal surfaces should be kept as clutter free as possible. A few items, such as a lamp, an alarm clock, and the book you’re reading are essential, but other objects can be packed away. Invest in boxes, cabinets or drawers to keep visual clutter to a minimum. Plus, storage makes everything easier to find.

Freshen up wooden furniture:

A good furniture polish or wood oil can work wonders. Clean and polish all wooden furniture in your bedroom. If any pieces are scratched or damaged, you could pick up surface fillers to fill in fine cracks, or cover the object with a nice scarf, mat or runner and place decorative items on top.

Arrange key pieces of furniture:

Sometimes simply rearranging the furniture can make a room feel completely different. The key pieces of furniture that you spend the most time on, like your bed, should be placed in an empowered position. This is a place where you can see the doorway, but not in direct alignment with the door. It is in our nature to like being able to see the door, but it’s not that comfortable to sleep directly in front of a doorway.

Hang pictures correctly:

Art adds a touch of class to any room. Art depicting nature is recommended as it encompasses the important Feng Shui Five Elements. You should group pictures according to things like similar frames, subject matter or themes, texture, pattern and complementary colours. It is said that you should hang large pictures so that there is about 5 ½ feet of space over them.

Include cherished items:

We said that the bedroom is the place to find comfort and cherished items fit that bill. Happier memories can help you cope with and make you feel happier about the future. And, as said earlier, if you’re feeling good when going to bed, you will rest easier.

In Short: Rejuvenating your bedroom can affect how you sleep. Here are our tips for freshening up your bedroom this spring.

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