Top Tips For Buying a Sofa Bed


A sofa bed is a great extra piece of furniture for any home. Not only do you get a comfy couch but also the chance to help houseguests get a really great night’s sleep, rather than putting them on a blow up mattress on the floor.

These days, sofa-beds are better than ever before – with clever designs that offer great functionality to you, no matter which shape they’re currently in. Here are a few things to look out for when you’re buying a sofabed.

Try Out the MechanismThere are many different ways in which a sofa becomes a bed (and indeed vice versa) but the number one thing you’re looking for is a design which is easy to use – bearing in mind you sometimes won’t have a lot of time to get that extra bed ready for a guest.

So look for something which can ideally be done by just one person, and one that won’t but any unnecessary strain on your back. And if you can get a unit which locks in place for more piece of mind for you and the person getting ready for bed!

Test the Whole UnitThis should go without saying, but beyond just seeing how sofa to bed transition works, make sure to try it out in both configurations. It’s likely that most of its like will be spent as a couch, so make sure it’s comfortable enough to lounge on every day.

But don’t forget the other side of the coin. You want your guests to be happy and capable of getting a good night’s sleep. It’s worth spending that little bit more if you can get a sofabed that offers up the best of both worlds. A comfy mattress is a must.

Make Sure Everything is SmoothWith the mechanical elements involved in a sofa-bed, there are many ways for sheets or other fabrics to get caught and potentially damaged. Make sure there are no sharp edges to trap unwary material, and do take the time to remove all bedding material when you’re converting the unit back to a couch.

Measure and Measure AgainAs with any kind of furnishing, take a few extra minutes to make doubly sure that what you’re buying is going to fit in your house. With sofa-beds it’s a bit more complicated because the unit has to have room to spread out in order to be as useful as possible. Having a fold out bed which doesn’t quite fit it a recipe for many frustrating moments and don’t forget that you’ll need a little extra room for guests to be able to get in and out with ease.

These are just a few useful pointers when you’re looking for your next sofa bed. Be sure to get down to your local Harvey Norman for a great range of sofa-beds in-store, or check them out online.

In Short: Sofa beds are highly useful pieces of furniture for any home, check out our top tips for what to look out for when buying one

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