Get Cosy in Your Bedroom This January With These Great Heating Solutions


Winter has most definitely come, which means chilly toes every morning and the all-too-likely possibility that you’ll hit SNOOZE a few too many times for fear of becoming an icicle on the way to the bathroom!

But your bedroom doesn’t have to be a place where warmth fears to tread, you can spread the joy of heat with a number of solutions which can help you get cosy at night-time, get a good night’s sleep and even give you a boost to get up and out and on with your day.

Check out this selection of heating solutions from Harvey Norman.

Dyson Hot + Cool FanThe precision engineering of Dyson makes for the best heaters on the market. This fan draws in air at the bottom and heats it before distributing it evening throughout the room. There’s no moving fan so the airflow is wonderfully smooth and you’ll feel direct heat in seconds. And you can set the thermostat to the exact temperature you want, so the room will stay cosy all night long.

Morphy Richards Electric BlanketIf you’re looking for heat that’s more directly applied, an electric blanket is always an effective solution. Positioned between your mattress and your bed sheet, it’s a highly effective way to get rid of the chill before bed-time. With four power settings, you can use this Morphy Richards model to keep a constant low heat, and there’s a booster for additional foot warmth. Plus, it’s machine washable and safe to use all night.

Belkin WeMo SwitchAdd some extra piece of mind to your bedroom heating with one of these smart-switches from Belkin. They connect to your home Wi-Fi and can be turned on and off with your smartphone or tablet. With it, you can set up a schedule for when you want a heater to be active or even connect while you’re away if you forgot to turn it off!

Large Raschel ThrowSometimes you don’t need technology to keep you warm, a few extra layers can make all the difference. Add this large Raschel Throw makes a world of difference, helping to lock in heat and ensuring a comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep. It’s great for the couch too!

Find more great products to keep you warm this winter at your local Harvey Norman store.

In Short: Winter isn’t coming, it’s already here! And that means chilly bed-times and plenty of tough mornings. Get a little help from Harvey Norman.

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