Guest blog: – ‘Battle of the metallics’ came to Meath in this week’s Showhouse Showdown


This week’s instalment of Showhouse Showdown with Harvey Norman proved to be the most exciting to date.

‘Battle of the metallics’ pitted Lorna Kee’s ‘coastal glitz’ look against Regina Rogers Fallon’s ‘contemporary glamour’ offering.


The designers were tasked with making over two show homes at Mayden Hayes in Mornington, Co. Meath.

And the public weren’t shy about voicing their opinions – and their concerns on both designs.


From the off-set hosts Laurence Llewelyn Bowen and Neville Knott had their reservations about both designs.

They felt that Laura’s design was ‘all mermaid and no sailor’ while Regina’s nightclub chic might be too much for a family home.

But as always, it was up to the public to choose a winner and first stop for the designers was Harvey Norman to help bring their designs to life.

Harvey 3

Room 1: The Master Bedroom 

Bedroom--1-new Bedroom-2

The competition kicked off in the master bedroom. Both designers opted to use metallics to bring their room to life but their designs could not have been more different.

Laura went for a more is more approach layering glitter on top of glitter with metallic wallpaper and a sequin headboard that wowed the hosts.

Regina meanwhile opted for a metallic paint on all four walls paired with oversized furnishings that prompted Laurence to question why she was ‘supersizing’ everything when it made the room look smaller.

The verdict:

Lorna’s glitzy boudoir divided opinion. ‘Life is too short to have boring wallpaper’ said one member of the public.

Others however felt that it was ‘very bling’ and ‘too feminine’.

Regina’s master bedroom didn’t fare any better with the public. ‘It’s very boring… it’s not glamorous at all’ said one woman.

Room 2: The Living room 

Living room 1 Living room 2

Lorna’s ‘formal’ living room carried on her coastal theme with a glistening textured feature wall and sand coloured furnishings.

Regina went for a more abstract approach pairing ocean crew green with her favourite navy blue. Her standout piece was a picture she painted that tied the various tones in the room together.

The designers were given a sneak peak of their competitor’s living room.  Regina loved the texture of Lorna’s featured wall but felt that there was no room for a formal living space in a family home.

Lorna felt that Regina’s was masculine and simple and felt that the furniture wasn’t laid out correctly.

But what did the public make of the rooms?

The verdict:

Lorna didn’t get the reaction she hoped for with her featured wall. One woman described it as ‘tarmac on a rainy day. ‘The public did however like her curtains, sofas and the mirrors.

Regina’s specially commissioned rug also failed to impress the public. They did however feel that the room was a good fit for families.

Room 3: The Kitchen/Dining room

Kitchen-1 Kitchen-2

The kitchen was a focal point in the competition with both designers pulling out all the stops.

Lorna went for a glamorous, old Hollywood design complete with a stunning art deco mirror for the dining area. This was in contrast to her sleek understated kitchen.

And while they loved the sophisticated dining area Laurence and Neville felt that her kitchen might be ‘too subtle’.

Regina carried on her midnight blue theme for a crisp modern feel to the room. But while Laurence loved her neutral palette, Neville felt that the room felt a little bit minimal.

But did the public agree with him?

The verdict:

Well, when asked, the public felt that Regina’s navy kitchen was ‘very masculine.’ One woman went so far as to describe it as ‘very Ryanair.’

Lorna’s glittering kitchen/dining room made a much better impression on the crowd who described it as beautiful.

Room 4: The study / Child’s Bedroom

Childs-bedroom Study

The last challenge for the designers was to makeover a box room.

Loran opted for a hyper masculine study that Neville was particularly taken with.

Regina transformed her room into a sunny bedroom for a child that Laurence raved about.

The verdict:

Lorna’s ‘man cave’ study was a surprising hit with the women in the crowd.

Regina’s bedroom also wowed the public. They particularly loved her striped floor.

The Result :

Four rooms down and the competition was anyone’s game. And, after much deliberation, the public picked their winner:

Best use of colour: Despite using a very subtle colour palette Lorna’s house was the public’s favourite for best use of colour.

Favourite feature: Lorna’s glittering art deco mirror also saw her walk away the award for favourite feature.

Overall winner

Harvey 2

Despite missing out in the first two categories, it was Regina’s design that impressed the crowd the most on the day.

‘A huge amount of work and creative energy went into it, a lot of my personality, so I’m absolutely delighted that I’ve won.’ She said.

Both designers also went head to head in the Harvey Norman room challenge.

Head of Homewares with Harvey Norman, Yvonne Nugent was tasked with picking the winning room.

Her pick of the week was the study from Lorna’s house. Don’t forget to stay tuned to next week’s Showhouse Showdown.

By Claire Hyland


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