AW17 Sneak Peek: Trend 3


Another day another trend. Introducing Infusion.


Infusion was inspired by seasonal patterns, particularly associated with the transition from summer into autumn. For example, how fallen leaves gather to showcase a beautifully rustic palette. As a way of emulating this organic transformation indoors, we chose Infusion as a reflection of nature as a natural art form. This trend combines raw shades with authentic materials for a truly autumnal camouflage.


Colour plays a major part in the formation of this trend. When change is recurring outdoors, harmonise your home with autumnal hues like terracotta, burnt orange, burgundy, almond and ochre. Interiors should be grounded with the application of natural materials like leather and wood. We selected furniture with a strong construction, durable properties and an exposed, untreated surface allowing innate characteristics to shine through.

We enhanced these focal points with tactile furnishings for a warming impact. Velvet, wool and even ceramic soften the overall aesthetic while maintaining a comfortable and balanced environment. We encourage the use of natural light where possible to illuminate the crisp hues and characteristics for a down-to-earth effect.

Stay tuned for our final trend tomorrow when the countdown begins to the release of our autumn/winter collection in just two weeks time!

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