Trend Edit – Mad For Mustard


No colour exudes warmth and light more than yellow but for years the colour has been dismissed as being too bright and busy to be used in the home.

This year, however, yellow appears to be having its moment in the sun, so how do you bring yellow into your home without turning it into a solarium?

Opt for muted shades of yellow, mustard is the seasons stand out shade and its warm tones will work well with your existing furniture, no matter what colour it is.

Overall yellow may be a bit overwhelming so start small by adding some yellow accessories such as yellow cushions or the gorgeous retro phone shown below.

Here’s our top picks that should help cheer up your home this winter.

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Mirage 9-Piece Dining Set
Piper Recliner Corner Sofa
Retro Clocks
Retro Phones
Yellow Lamp

In Short: Bring some winter sun into your home with our pick of the season’s best yellow interiors. These items will brighten up any room.

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