Space Saving Bedroom Solutions


Bedrooms are fast replacing living rooms as the home comfort zone of choice. We now work, study, watch TV and even eat in our bedrooms more than ever before. So with this in mind, we want to introduce you to a handful of our most ergonomic products to make your bedroom comfortable and clutter-free.

Duval Bed Frame

The size of the Duval bed frame matches the length and width of a standard mattress so it can seamlessly accommodate the mattress without taking up additional room. Cleverly designed to maximise space, the Duval range features an extensive selection of space-saving furniture so you can have more room for activities!

Jutzler Wardrobe

Swiss-made Jutzler wardrobes are the ultimate storage solution for every bedroom. Choose from a range of sliding wardrobes with customisable options to suit your organisational needs. By choosing a sliding wardrobe you eliminate the additional space required for hinged doors, plus it adds a chic and contemporary look to your room.

Stockholm Desk

Neat, simple and stylish, the Stockholm desk epitomises multi-functional living. Use it as a convenient workspace or simply as a prep station to get ready for the day ahead. Store stationery, makeup or odd bits and bobs in the two storage drawers. Slender legs lend a minimalist design that will sit perfectly in a cleverly considered home.

Serene Surroundings

Furniture aside, remember to choose your bedroom colour palette wisely. If you plan on spending a lot of time within these four walls then make sure to paint them a calm and restful shade. Muted tones will create a peaceful atmosphere, whether you’re up to your eyes in emails or relaxing with a Netflix binge in bed, neutral hues are known to instil a calming vibe. You can always experiment with accessories if you’re craving a colourful injection.

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