The Most Fabulous Furnishings from the SS17 Catalogue


Continuing on from today’s post on the most comfortable sofas from the Harvey Norman SS17 catalogue, we now have some of the most fabulous furnishings from our catalogue you can use to brighten up your home and add an extra level of comfort and appeal.

Elizaveta Ochre Cushion

This striking print cushion features an eye-catching gold and grey floral print that works well with a range of modern and traditional sofas and chairs. A wonderful addition to any style of living room, the Elizaveta Ochre Cushion has a soft velvety feel and brings with it a unique look for any seating arrangement.

Tall Elle Pot in Bronze Black  

If you’re looking to introduce a more earthly look to your home then we highly recommend the Tall Elle Pot in Bronze Black, a round flowerpot featuring a warm dark colour with bronze knobs. Manufactured from cement, this sturdy flowerpot possesses a certain rustic charm and is ideal for plants with dark leaves as this emphasises the pot’s tough and natural look. However, the Tall Elle Pot in Bronze Black also works well with colourful soft flowers, offering a refreshing contrast reflective of the natural world.

Sheepskin White Single Rug

The luxurious Sheepskin White Single Rug is made from real sheepskin, resulting in a fluffy, warm and exceptionally comfortable rug than can also be used as a throw. This sheepskin rug is particularly suited to stone and wood floors, helping to trap heat and providing your feet with a delightfully snug rug to rest on.

Tropical Water Lily Frame Print

The final furnishing on our list is this beautiful Tropical Water Lily Frame Print, a 60 x 81cm framed print perfect for any room in the house. Try pairing it with some potted plants to create a cool and calming ambience.

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