SS17: A Snapshot


Our Homewares team has been extremely busy these past few weeks working on our new Spring Summer 2017 interiors collection, which features five distinctive trends for the season. In today’s blog we’re going to take a look at these upcoming trends, our inspiration for them and some of the work we do with Irish brands when creating our catalogues.

New Trends

Our five trends for Spring Summer 2017 are:

  • Indigo Dream: A soothing and calm trend featuring indulgent tones, Indigo Dream is all about using modern aesthetics and luscious fabrics to create a sense of serenity and stability. For this trend we used the calming influence of the sea as our inspiration.
  • Raw Beauty: This earthy and free-spirited theme uses retro elements to convey the flourishing of spring. Layered textures, nostalgic shades and eclectic prints help to create a sense of ‘back-to-basics’ and simpler décor.
  • Natural Attraction: Natural Attraction is about allowing nature’s influence into your life. Zesty hues, tactile materials and potted plants all play their part in creating this refreshingly natural trend.
  • Gold Standard: Taking Scandinavian design as a starting point, our Gold Standard trend brings together statement pieces and functional craftsmanship for a unique and homely look. Honest tones and minimal patterns run throughout this invigorating trend.
  • French Manicure: Pastel hues, metallic accessories, floral fabrics and geometric prints make up the bulk of this romantic and carefree trend. A classy and chic combination of new and old ideas inspired by the market fairs of Paris.

Working with the Very Best Irish Brands

Our Homewares team works closely with the very best Irish creative companies. For our Spring Summer 2017 catalogue we worked with soft furnishings designer Scatter Box, who supplied us with some of their stunning cushions and artworks. We greatly value getting the chance to collaborate with such talented people, and it is a vital element of bringing our catalogues to life. For more on how our Homewares team created our Spring Summer 2017 catalogue, check out the video below.


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