Tips for Organising Your Home

Pauline wardrobe with mirrored doors €1999

An organised home is the key to a happy life, but maintaining a neat and tidy home can sometimes feel never-ending. However, with the right know-how and some great storage options, you’ll find that keeping your home clutter-free can be a simple task!


  • Store instruction manuals, takeaway menus and other important pamphlets in a ring binder
  • Reuse shoe box lids and bottoms as drawer dividers
  • Choose a single type and brand of hanger for the whole house
  • Separate your wardrobe by season and categorise your clothes by purpose (work, casual, events etc.)
  • Go through your wardrobe at least once a year and donate anything you no longer wear to charity
  • Save space on your countertop for the things you use every day and store juicers, smoothie makers and other food preparation appliances in cupboards and out of sight
  • Clean out your fridge after every large food shop
  • Keep a small bin and a storage basket in every room

Straw Basket with Bamboo Edge

A funky alternative to the traditionally boring storage box, this modern monochrome Straw Basket with Bamboo Edge is perfect for use in any room that requires neat and practical storage options.

Jutzler Slideline 

The Jutzler Slideline 3m Wardrobe features a beautiful and noiseless sliding wardrobe design that works well in both traditional and modern bedrooms. The Jutzlear Slideline Wardrobe is available in an anthracite colour finish and comes fitted with a clothes bar and shelf per compartment, with measurements (in millimetres) of 3031w x 650d x 2200h.

Osbourne Blanket Box 

The Osbourne Blanket Box is another great alternative storage option for use in the bedroom or living room, and doubles as an additional seating area. Available in two sizes with light or dark leg options plus 10 fabric colour options, and featuring a hinge lid with tab handle for easy opening and closing, the Osbourne Blanket Box is the ideal storage option for bulky items.

Kilner Clip Top Jar (3)

This set of Kilner round clip top jars is a superb storage option for storing a wide variety of foods including jams, chutneys, dried fruits and cereals. The set of three jars features a round design complete with an embossed logo plus a clip top with an orange rubber seal.

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