Top Dining Sets for Christmas Dinner


They say Christmas is about many things, family, friends, gifts, parties, giving or magic, but one thing that never fails to bring the whole family together is the food. So if you are gathering your family around you this Christmas why not make your dining set the center-piece of the celebrations.

We have picked out a few of our finest dining sets for you to serve your festive feasts on, why not? Your family deserves the best after all.

Cosmo Extending Console Table | Sand

This innovative little table while elegant and sleek is the perfect solution for those with limited space. It is capable of expanding from a small console sized table to a full dinner table capable of seating six people. This table is light and will function perfectly as a study desk or a hall table when you are not feeding the family on it.

Stockholm 5-Piece Dining Set

This beautifully crafted scandinavian inspired dining table is the pinnacle of elegant simplicity. Coming with a lovely bench and three vintage tan chairs, this will make for a picture perfect spot for your festive meal.

Alexandria 8-Piece Dining Set

This lovely set is old world meeting new as luxury and elegance collide to give a beautiful place to share a meal. Coming with a bench and two carver chairs is just the start as this table has plenty of space as it is capable of extending out to seat up to ten people.

Lucci Light 9-Piece Dining Set | Low Calvino Dining Chairs

This dining room set is elegant and contemporary and will sit up to eight people when fully extended. Take time to savour some fine dining on this piece which comes with Calvino dining chairs. This table also has 10mm anti-shatter safety glass which is super easy to clean when wiped down.

Treat your family to the meal and Christmas of their dreams this year.

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