Top 10 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier


Firstly, what is a Life Hack?

Essentially, it’s re-tooling single function utilities for new and convenient uses. A Life Hack occurs when you repurpose anything, be it a paperclip or a toilet roll tube, in an inspired manner which serves the ultimate goal of making your life easier.

And here are ten of the very best!

10. Save Your Thumbs

9. Save on Tangles

8. Save on Mess

7. Save on Space

6. Save on Spills

5. Save on Clutter

4. Save on Scrapes

3. Save on Dust

2. Save on Tripping Hazards

1. Save on…. Nothing really. This one’s just because!!!

In Short: Life Hacks are ingenious little shortcuts designed to utilize various items around the house for a renewed or re-imagined purpose

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