Getting Your Home Ready for Winter


There’s no denying it, the evenings are getting darker, you’re starting to notice your breath misting in the air and it’s time to dig out those gloves from storage. Just like in Game of Thrones, Winter is finally here!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing – Halloween is great fun, a hearty soup tastes really good and it also means that we’re only a matter of weeks away from Christmas. Before all that though, it’s time for some handy tips to help get your Home ready for Winter.

Get the Heating Ready – now is a good time to get your heating system checked and fill up the tank. This is much easier to do now rather than in the depths of coldest January when servicemen are up to their eyes in work. And get your chimney cleaned if you have one.

For Extra Points – get someone to sort out the gunk in your gutters to help give the rainwater somewhere you go. You might also consider finally dealing with the draughty door or window (we all have one) which could save you money all winter. And why not check those smoke alarms, because it’s easily put off otherwise.

Don’t Stop Moving – it can be easy to avoid exercise in the winter months but not only is it important to keep your fitness up it’s also a great way to keep warm. Even if you don’t want to go outside, invest in some exercise equipment or create your own workout and keep track of your goals with a handy fitness tracker.

Stay Healthy Too – fitness is just one part of keeping yourself in shape, and good food can fall by the wayside as your body craves those carbs. Keep those greens in mind with homemade soups that are perfect for those cold days and body boosting juice to keep those colds at bay. They’re simple with the right equipment. 

Layer Up and Chill Out – there’s nothing nicer than getting the fire on and relaxing with some TV on a particularly chilly evening. Instead of reaching for the thermostat add an extra layer of clothing and always include a throw or two into the mix. Why not go all out with a few candles and a good book and surrender to simpler times in the dark evenings.

These are just a few handy tips for Winter, and there’s still time to get everything you need at Harvey Norman.

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