How The New ENERG Labels on Vacuum Cleaners Affect You!

On September 1st 2014, the EU is introducing new energy labelling regulations for vacuum cleaners. New and MANDATORY energy labelling regulations. Every new vacuum cleaner sold from this point on must sport an ENERG label that’s clearly displayed for the consumer’s convenience. Not unlike the Building Energy Rating scheme…

These new labels will give an overall Energy Efficiency Class rating between A and G. But this will compound with more specific ratings for Dust Re-Emission, Carpet Cleaning Performance Class, Hard Floor Cleaning Performance Class, Sound Power Level and Annual Energy Consumption. What’s more, the label design is binding This is for the consumers benefit. Individual manufacturers may not tamper with the design. This means anyone will be able to tell the energy efficiency of any cleaner at a glance, regardless of brand or model.

Models already on store shelves before the September 1st deadline will be permitted to stay there, unlabelled. However, all new stock from that point on will be required by law to sport the ENERG label. In addition, any cleaner with a power input of 1600W or above may not be sold, as technically this would rank below a G on the EEC rating and be deemed unfit for public consumption. Finally, these ENERG target values are not static. In fact they are set to be reviewed and changed again in 2017.

Ultimately, this means more informed, savvy consumers on the market place. Good news for you, but also, Bosch insist, good news for manufacturers and general innovation within the industry.

Andrew Jones, Group Marketing Manager at Bosch states,“We welcome the introduction of the energy label as it will create a high level of transparency for comparing important vacuum cleaner features and thus act as a helpful guide,”

Meanwhile, Bosch’s Floorcare Product Manager, Jane Lee insists,“From our perspective, however, the EU demands for vacuum cleaners with best label values are not pitched too high… They are forward-looking and encourage innovations in the floor care segment.”

An excellent example of a cleaner boasting the most desirable A ENERG rating label is the Bosch Power Silence. This is part of a new range of eco vacuum cleaners which save on energy consumption (and effort) in comparison with standard cleaners. This model retails for €199 and is reputably the quietest bagless cylinder cleaner on the market. Its ENERG ratings are as follows,

Energy Efficiency Class = AAnnual Energy Consumption = 750W KWh/annum Dust Re-emission = ASound Power Level = 66 Db(A)Carpet Cleaning Performance Class = CHard Floor Cleaning Performance Class = A

The precise savings from model to model will vary according to their specific ENERG labels. That said, according to, if everyone in the EU switched to an eco vacuum cleaner, within a year we would save a staggering 20 TWh. To put this in perspective, that’s the energy equivalent of all of Belgium’s residential consumption!

At Harvey Norman, we understand what this new Vacuum regulation means for consumers. We have inspected our vacuum cleaner range and with a little assistance from Bosch, Harvey Norman will be bringing the new eco range to our stores in August. If you still have questions about the eco range or indeed the new labelling regulations, please visit any Harvey Norman stores nationwide to receive expert advice. Our staff are ready and willing to help you find your ideal eco vacuum cleaner. They can demonstrate in store the various products.

In Short: The EU are enforcing new energy regulation labels on all vacuum cleaners as of September 1st. Here’s how that affects you.

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