5 Misconceptions About Leather Sofas


Leather sofas have long been considered luxury items, something you might see in a showroom and not designed for the practicalities of daily life. There’s a sense that this type of furnishing is expensive and requires a lot of upkeep as well. But the reality is that leather is a material that defies expectations in all of these areas.

Myth 1 – Leather Doesn’t Last as Long as Other Fabrics

Whenever we’re buying furniture, we always think we have it for the long haul. But the fact is that every sofa gets worn in time and most fabrics could do with being replaced every 4-6years. Not so with leather – which is more likely to be still going strong for10years or more. What’s more, leather only really comes into its own after a couple of years of use, when it settles and takes on a unique look that leather fans love.

Myth 2 – Leather Sofas Are Really Expensive

The initial investment in a leather sofa may be higher than some competing fabrics but the pricing is competitive and you also have to consider the longevity you’re getting. Leather furniture could last up to twice as long as other fabrics, and all while adding a stylish lustre to your living room.

Myth 3 – Leather Gets Damaged Very Easily

This is a strange rumour which persists around leather. If your claw sporting dog were to prance around on any kind of seat or sofa its bound to get damaged. And while leather may show up scratches in a different way to other fabrics the nature of the material is also much tougher, meaning there’s less chance of anything beyond minor cosmetic damage which can usually be repaired. You can also opt for an extra protective coating for your leather furnishings.

Myth 4 – Leather is Very Difficult to Clean

Minor spills will usually just wipe straight off the surface with a little warm water and cloth – you should generally avoid using any strong cleaning solution. Instead, keep the leather clean and dust free as you go and opt for a deeper cleanse a couple of times a year with a dedicated leather cleaner. With just a little more care, you’ll be able to keep the material supple and rich in colour for years though one important tip is to keep the surface out of direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid is drying out.

Myth 5 – Leather is Hot in Summer and Cold in Winter

This myth has come about because of inferior qualities of leather or even artificial leather which goes under a large range of terms. The nature of quality leather means that it will take on the temperature of a room; if it’s chilly in your house, the surface might seem cool to the touch. However, it quickly reacts to your presence and becomes warmer. Leather is also porous, which means it remains cool in summer and allows air to circulate.

In Short: When you’re considering getting a new sofa there are plenty of possible options, these facts about leather might give you even more choice

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