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College is your first real chance to make your room your own. It’s a brand new place to furnish and decorate, but you have to blend your own personal style with practicality. While you may have put great thought into the posters that you want framed and the wardrobe or storage space you’ll need, some other elements may have flown under your radar. Here are some essentials that you’ll need for your college room.

Let there be light. Of course all rooms will have a lightbulb, but you don’t want to be turning the main light on and off all the time. A good desk or bedside lamp makes life much easier, allowing you to read or study late into the night.




Speaking of study, remember to stock up on stationary. It can be very easy for them to go walkabout if you just leave them lying around, but you can keep them organised, and your desk free from clutter, with a simple stationary holder.



College life can be taxing and tiring, so make sure you get a good night’s rest. Being comfortable when you settle down to sleep makes a big difference. Make sure you get some good bedsheets, and a comfortable duvet. The below is perfect for those warm summer nights.



Finally, you need to ensure that your room has a desk that offers you plenty of workspace and some storage space too. The Stockholm Desk offers both of these, but is still suitable for compact spaces, plus some under desk storage if you happen to be running out of space elsewhere.


Stockholm Desk

Stockholm Desk


Make sure your study area or room is fully kitted out for the college year. Shop for more ideas in-store or online at Harvey Norman.

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