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The time has finally come for you to leave the nest, wave goodbye to your crying mother and smiling younger sibling (who has now claimed your bedroom), pack up your belongings and head off on a new adventure. As exciting as this milestone is, it can certainly be a daunting lifestyle change so one way to make yourself feel at home in your new campus apartment is to decorate it with a personal touch.

We’ve made a list of essentials you will need to make the transition as smooth as possible into your new home.

Sleep Tight

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ve acquired a brand new, plump and unused mattress that’s just waiting for you when you arrive. You have, but it’s most likely not new and has been handed down from last year’s resident, or even alumni from way back when assignments were submitted on paper with lines and margins. You want to make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours sleep before your mandatory lectures or when nursing a freshers week “flu”.

The Vitality Latex mattress is a top choice and is currently on offer for our AW16 Interiors sale so no time like the present to start nabbing those student bargains. This style is available in a range of sizes from single (3ft) all the way up to a super king (6ft). The significant feature in this mattress is that it is one-sided, meaning you’ll never have to flip it, simply rotate every so often to keep it in tip-top napping condition. The Vitality Latex range is also hypoallergenic to repel those nasty bed mites, ensuring your sleep haven is bug-free.

Our mattresses are an investment meaning they’ll see you through to graduation and beyond. Protect it for years to come with the Sleep To Go Mattress Topper.

Study Time

Whether you’re moving to student accommodation or commuting from home, you’ll need a study den. Make the most of your space by choosing neat furniture and clever storage solutions to avoid clutter and create a calm environment. The Spirit Desk is the perfect example of practical minimalism. Featuring a hidden storage drawer and compact crossed legs, this is the perfect desk to slot into your home study area.


Lighting plays a key part in establishing a comfortable and liveable atmosphere. These letter lamps can make one simple yet stylish addition to any room.  Keep it as cryptic as you like or spell out your name, initials or quote of choice!

For a more subtle touch, opt for the classic Task Lamp for its retro style and functional purposes. There’s nothing more disruptive than having to get out of bed to switch off the light after a marathon read or cramming for those finals, so this is where the bedside lamp will forever prevail in the lighting department.

Available in a crisp French blue or chic charcoal grey.


Put a personal stamp on your room for the ultimate homely vibe. Pay attention to detail by adding accessories such as bed linen, rugs, cushions and candles. Congratulations and enjoy the best years of your life!

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