Made In Ireland Mattresses

Sleep is crucial for recovery and it’s recommended that we get between seven and nine hours of rest each night. That’s a lot of time spent on lying on a mattress. In fact, the average person spends around 20,000 hours sleeping on a mattress over the course of a seven-year lifespan. This highlights just how important it is to have a good mattress under you.

Harvey Norman supports local businesses, choosing the best of Irish craftsmanship to help you get a better night’s sleep. Included in the wide range of mattresses that Harvey Norman stocks are products from Briody, made in Ballinrink, and Odearest and King Koil, both of which are made in Kilcullen.

A new mattress will be with you for many years; it’s an investment. That’s why Harvey Norman only offers the finest mattresses from Ireland and further afield.

You’ll find our mattress buying guide here. 

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