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Regardless of the season, you can practically be guaranteed that you and your training gear will be caked in mud, sweat and tears if you take part in one of the numerous fun runs that are held throughout the year. The next, and potentially biggest, obstacle you’ll face on the weekend of an adventure race is removing the stains from your clothes.

The new iSensoric technology in Siemens’ iQ series washing machines is purposefully built to make laundry less of a struggle no matter what activity has been undertaken. The iQ series utilise a range of sensors that interact with each other to calculate how much water and energy to use.

Patented technologies include i-Dos, which determines the amount of detergent and softener needed, taking into account factors such as the type of fabric, load and the degree of soiling; varioPerfect, which decreases the cycle time or saves energy depending on the setting chosen; and autoStain removal system, which knows exactly how to handle the 16 most common stains.

These systems and sensors tailor each wash to the task at hand. Not only does this technology ensure that your kit gets thoroughly cleaned, but it prolongs the lifespan of technical sportswear like waterproofs, breathable materials and fleeces. As most outdoor wear has welded seams, the temperature sensor controls the heat level to avoid damage to the seam.

It can be tough enough to face into training and adventure runs themselves, but the Siemens’ iSensoric technology in its iQ series makes the laundry run in the aftermath far more bearable. Plus, the sensors can help you save in the long run as the washing machines won’t wear out your technical sportswear and the varioPerfect system can save on your energy bill if you have time on your side.

In Short: Siemens’ iSensoric technology in its iQ washing machines will give you great cleaning results with its range of patented technologies.

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