Industrial Chic


Industrial interior design flipped the script on conventional thinking about interior design. Suddenly, the desired look embraces displaying building materials that would once be concealed, and adding an unfinished look to a room.

Brick walls, wood, and stainless steel surfaces are the order of the day. Throw in complementary accessories and furnishings, and it’s easy to see why this design trend has become so popular.

Vintage furniture and weathered elements give your home a rustic or earthy modern feel. And these pieces are not only stylish, but they’re functional too. You won’t be living in a show house if you give your home an industrial makeover; this is a style that can showcase a love of interior design and allow you to express yourself.

With this in mind, there are a few furnishings that we’d like to highlight, which showcase how you can make your home stand out through this industrial style. Visit Harvey Norman for more inspiration.





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