Win a Bosch Washing Machine and Save on Water


A new system of water charges is being introduced for homes that are connected to a public water supply in Ireland. The first bills for domestic water will be issued very soon.

This has meant that water charges are now a key factor for families to consider when sitting down to budget. Reducing your water usage by a significant amount doesnrsquo;t just pay environmental dividends; it can also mean large savings on your utility bills.

Precise sensors on Bosch ActiveWatertrade; models like the WAQ24461 assess each load individually so only the exact amount of water is used. This means therersquo;s no longer a need for a half load programme.

ActiveWatertrade; can cut your water usage in half over a full year of washing compared to a 10-year-old appliance.

All the washing machines in the Bosch Logixx and Exxcel ranges contain ActiveWatertrade; technology, making it easy to save water without compromising your lifestyle.

Call in to any Harvey Norman store nationwide and let our expert staff show you how.

Harvey Norman has teamed up with Bosch to give you the chance to win a Bosch 8kg Washing Machine, with all the nifty water saving features.

Congratulations to our winnerMatt Guiney!

25913In Short: With water charges on the way, we need the most water efficient appliances possible. That’s why we’re giving away a Bosch Washing Machine.

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