Why Not Add a POP of Colour to your Kitchen?

There’s no denying it – The kitchen is a place of work. Whether we are cooking or cleaning, stacking or sorting, the kitchen is where the jobs get done. But that doesn’t mean we can’t inject a bit of fun into it!

Our kitchens can be vibrant, colourful rooms. In fact, considering we’re in there at least thrice a day, cooking meals and dealing with the aftermath, our kitchens should be. The standard black and chrome finish is no longer the only option available. In fact, 2014 is very much the year of yellow!

Colour blocking your assorted appliances or just mixing and matching the rich purple of your weighing scales with the hot pink of your food mixer won’t just brighten up your kitchen… it’ll brighten up your mood too!

So go ahead. Brighten up your kitchen and click on a pic…

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In Short: Kitchens, despite the amount of time we spend in them, are too often dark and dreary. Harvey Norman has some ideas on how to brighten them up

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