Love Your Home: Using Colour to Update your Space

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Written by Alex C – The Interior DIYer for Harvey Norman

If you’re looking to introduce a new colour scheme to your home this season, it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of palettes and styles to choose from. If you’re unsure of where to start, consider introducing one statement piece to begin. Live with it for a while, see how you feel about its style and test the waters before committing to a colour scheme. To get you started, below are just a few combinations that can be found in Harvey Norman for using colour to update your space …

Bold and Bright

03 Bold and Bright

A bold and bright colour palette is a great way to bring a bit of fun into your home. White walls and neutral furniture are a fantastic backdrop to show off bright and bold accessories, should you be a bit hesitant to commit to a bold wall colour right away. Strong colours such as these used throughout your home will create an energising palette to carry you through even the worst of the Irish weather.

1: Jaipur Elephant Duvet Set

2: Elephant Bean Bag

3: Coloured Glass Bottles with Stoppers

4: Kitchen Aid ‘Artisan’ 4.8L Food Mixer

5: Orb Desk Lamp

6: Retro Alarm Clock


Country Cottage

03 Country Cottage

Introducing colour into your home doesn’t always have to be bright and bold – a serene style may be more what you’re after. For a country cottage feel, try introducing calm and muted accessories into your home alongside a historic colour palette. Subtle hues like this will allow you to introduce a wide range of natural colours and textures to your home. With a country cottage theme it’s all about staying in touch with nature.

7: Glass Candle

8: Rene Sofa

9: Karlson Wall Clock

10: Thistle Cushion

11: Glass Jar with Top

12: Roberts WiFi Radio

Retro Geometric

03 Retro Geometric

If you’re more of a fan of throw back Thursdays, then a retro colour scheme might be just the ticket for you. Retro styles usually stick to a trio of colours (such as yellow, orange and red), but this isn’t set in stone. It’s more about introducing nostalgic designs to your home, having fun with iconic retro shapes as well as geometric themes throughout.

13: Monochrome Cushion

14: Beware of the Kids Cushion

15: Hassock Knitted Pouffe

16: Pink Desk Lamp

17: Cusco Blanket

18: Domus Bed Frame

19: Yellow Lamp

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