What’s your Bedroom Persona?


The bedroom is the most personal space in your home. It’s full of your belongings, reflects how neat and tidy (or not) you are, and is the only room that really displays your personal style. Since the bed is the centrepiece of every bedroom, the bed frame you choose is the biggest expression of your personality. So, which one are you?


You’re a trend setter with excellent taste, and you know quality when you see it. You’re creative, a little bit romantic, and a lover of minimalism.  The Juliet’s white (or ivory) painted base is the perfect blank canvas for your original style. Its on-trend metalwork makes it a worthy match for your fashion forward habits, and the minimal detailing allows you to change your look from big and bold to small and subtle as often as you feel like it.


A traditionalist at heart, your style is timeless, classic and full of charm. You like your creature comforts, but simplicity is key. The Galveston’s rustic feel and natural wood (solid New Zealand pine, to be exact) brings plenty of warmth and texture, both of which are important to you when it comes to getting forty winks. Its natural finish accentuates that stunning wood grain, while the slatted head and foot board reflects your time-honoured tastes to a tee.


Luxury and indulgence is the name of the game with you. You love duvet days, and your weekend mornings are sacred. With its padded headboard and built-in storage drawers, the Regency meets your high comfort standards and provides much needed storage space for all those cosy pyjamas you’ve collected. The button stitch detailing and velvety soft fabric upholstery makes for a true sleep sanctuary that you dread leaving come Monday morning.

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