Dorm Room Decorating: Make yourself at Home!


With the first round of CAO offers released this week, the search for a home away from home for the new college year is well underway. Whether it’s a student dorm or rented accommodation that you end up in, one’s thing for certain; the decor will probably be less than ideal.  Comfortable, familiar surroundings go a long way towards keeping you motivated, happy and healthy throughout term time, and one easy way to achieve this in a not so welcoming dorm is with a few simple personal touches. Not only will it make things feel more like home, it will add some style to your living space too. Here are some of our top tips for dorm room decorating:

Creature Comforts

Comfort is what home is all about, so add the cuddle factor to your room with a good quality duvet, plus a throw or two for those cold winter months. With such a huge selection of duvet and cushion covers out there, adding a personal style twist to your dorm has never been easier. Plus, you’re guaranteed to have somewhere nice and cozy to kick back after a long day of lectures. We love the doily hearts duvet cover below, or for the more quirky inclined, this fun cow cushion.

Photo Fun

You may not be able to take all of your friends and family to college with you, but you can at least take some photos of them to brighten up your walls. Choose some of your favourites from your phone or digital camera and print them off in a variety of sizes and shapes at our Photo Centre – you can even have them printed on mugs, canvas, or in custom made collages.

Wishy Washi

Washi tape has taken the interior design world by storm in the last few years, and it’s a cheap and cheerful way to add some colour to a drab and dreary dorm room. With a similar texture to masking tape, this Japanese decorated paper comes in every pattern and colour imaginable. A roll will set you back no more than $5 and can be purchased from just about anywhere online. Stick it along shelves for a pop of colour or get creative and use it to add makeshift frames to your photos.


Let there be Light

Lighting can make all the difference to a room, no matter the size, shape or decor. Lamps, shades, and other light features also provide a great opportunity to add a touch of style. Our favourites are the ultramodern ‘Z’ desk lamp – perfect for your study desk – and these clear LED light bulbs. Hang them above your desk or bed for some festive ambience all year round.

It’s not all about decoration however. A sure fire to ways to feel at home in your dorm is to, quite literally, make it your home.

Explore: When you first settle in, spend some time exploring every nook and cranny of your room. You’ll get a feel for how everything works, what’s dodgy and what’s not, and how best to organise your belongings in the space.

Unpack: Don’t live out of a few suitcases or you’ll most definitely feel unsettled. Make the effort to unpack your clothes after you get back from a visit home.

Keep it Clean: Housework will no doubt be the last thing on your mind, but a clean and (relatively) clutter free space is guaranteed to make you feel more relaxed in your surroundings.

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