My Top 5 Sofas: By Alex C, The Interior DIYer

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As the long summer days start turning into autumn evenings and winter nights, there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch after a long day. I find something so inviting about the first signs of the winter months; warm drinks, fluffy socks, candle light and long evenings spent in front of the fire. When the weather starts to turn, I can usually be found on the couch.

This month the new Harvey Norman Love Your Home autumn / winter 2015 range hits the shelves and I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store. Especially when it comes to cosy accessories to help us through those winter evenings and marathoning through the latest TV series. Without further adieu, here are my top five sofas …

  1. ‘Elan’ Corner Sofa

There’s something so perfect about a strong and neutral sofa that allows it to be able to work with so many styles. Case in point – Harvey Norman’s Elan sofa. Having a simple and versatile sofa such as this is the best way to go if you find your style changes as often as the seasons do. The shape of the Elan sofa is what I think to be the new timeless – one I don’t see aging any time soon.

  1. ‘Celeste’ Click-Clack sofa

As a renter, when I saw the Celeste Click-Clack sofa in store I thought it was the perfect sofa for compact spaces. Everything in a small apartment like ours needs to be versatile, so with the Celeste sofa you’re able to mould the arm rests into many forms; both of the arms can be raised to resemble a standard sofa, turn one side down to create a chic chaise lounge look, or fold both sides down entirely to transform it into a bed. This sofa is a triple threat.

  1. ‘Rochelle’ Large Sofa

Contrary to the mostly sleek sofas on my list so far, I have a serious weakness for classic, tufted couches. There’s something quite elegant and relaxing about a chesterfield style sofa in a living space. Particularly when done in fabric with a nailhead trim as with the Rochelle sofa, this design would really kick any living room up a notch. Perfect for chillaxing over a glass of wine or sitting back and reading in style.

  1. ‘Valente’ Leather Corner Sofa

For large living rooms I particularly like grand, social style sofas. The lavish levels of comfort together with sleek chrome details make the Valente white leather corner sofa a sight for sore eyes. A detail I particularly love is the built-in chaise style extension to the side of this corner sofa. Coupled with adjustable headrests, the Valente is ideal for a dinner and movie night in.

Valenti-Main-9299 EDIT

  1. ‘Tyler’ 3-Seater Leather Recliner Sofa

Recliners always remind me of spending time with my family. Particularly around the festive season when we’re sitting around the fire, eating way too much chocolate and talking about all sorts. Harvey Norman’s Tyler sofa immediately reminded me of how comfortable it is going home to my family. Coupled with a durable leather finish, there’s not much else to look for in a long lasting sofa. You do need a bit of extra room in all directions when it comes to having a recliner, but what they take up in space, they more than make up in comfort.

Alex C is the wonderwoman designer behind the Interior DIYer blog. 

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