Top tips for Home Storage


As living spaces get smaller, clutter can become even more overwhelming. You may not realise it, but it can take its toll on you mentally.

It’s often said that you should find a space for everything, but as you look around your home you may wonder where you’ll fit everything you want to keep. Thankfully, storage options are getting more efficient and sometimes even serving dual purposes.

Myles from Harvey Norman discusses some of the clever options that are available right now. We particularly like the Jutzler wardrobes, which let you design your own storage solution, and beds that double as ample storage space.

A number of storage options are outlined in the video, covering rooms all around the house and a variety of different needs.

Take a look at the home storage solutions video from Harvey Norman, and if you have any additional questions or you’d like to browse the options available, call in-store.


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