Embrace summer with these interior updates


The length of summer in Ireland can vary thanks to our unique climate. We seem to get a snippet of it in June, some more in July, and September tends to be quite nice too. While it’s warm and dry, we should embrace it fully.

This should extend to our home. There are a few different ways in which you can spruce up your home and embrace the summer feeling.


Invest in mirrors:

Mirrors can be more than simply a way to monitor your appearance. Well placed mirrors enhance the amount of natural light in a room by reflecting it deeper into a room. Several mirrors on a wall can create a nice light effect. Plus, mirrors give a room virtual space.



Summer up the fireplace:

You can remove traces of winter from most of your house. Heavy duvets can be swapped out for lighter ones, rain jackets and fleeces can be stowed away, and colours can be brightened up. But your fireplace is staying put. Use the mantel to hold summery items like pictures or souvenirs from holidays, or flowers. You could also clean out the fireplace and swap the wooden logs for potted plants or flowers.



Add colour:

Brighten up any room by adding colourful pillows to the bed or seating. It’s a simple touch, but it can make all the difference. You can also brighten up the walls of your room with canvases or paintings. Not only do they add a dash of colour, but you can express your personality too.



Take inspiration from nature:

Flowers can change the feel of a place instantly. Fill your rooms with flowers and plants. It’s better if you can avoid clear glass vases; your eyes won’t focus on the stems of the flowers, which gives them more impact.

Accessories can brighten up your home, provoke conversation, and give your home a more tropical feel too.




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