Make the most of your Home Office with these 3 tips

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Over the last few months almost every facet of our daily lives has changed, not least the way we work. Many of us are now intimately familiar with the challenges that working from home presents. The benefits of such a lifestyle are many, though it being thrust upon us is not what any of us ever thought possible. Working from home can quickly turn into living at work if we’re all not careful! Therefore, it is essential that we are able to separate the two worlds even though space may be at a premium.

So whether you’re working from home full-time, part-time, or need a space to study and get all of that important college work done, we’ve got some tips to help you transform any room in your home into a dedicated work zone.

Set the Table 

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First things first; you’re going to need a desk. What kind depends on your needs. If you’re looking for simple and elegant, the Ford desk is absolutely perfect. However, if you’re the type that likes to take good old-fashioned notes and has a lot of pens and paper scattered about cluttering up the place, a drawer or two might come in handy.

In that case, the Selma and Bea offer plenty of storage space.

Take a Seat 

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Next up, the all important seat, after all, it’s where you’re going to be sitting for hours a day, so you’re going to want something comfortable. Though that’s not the only consideration: are you going to match the chair and table for instance? Or is your chair going to be a completely separate entity used mainly for practical purposes?

Either way, the Falcon, Osprey, and Ramona offer style and comfort at a price that won’t break the bank.

Style it Up

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One way to boost your productivity when working from home is to create a work friendly environment. Add a splash of colour to your room to unleash your creative side. Consider what inspires you, and choose a piece of wall art that makes you think.

If you’re a stickler for time, why not add a stylish clock into the mix? A nice lamp will brighten your room as the nights roll in. Plants, real or otherwise, also help to get the creative juices flowing. Music has the ability to inspire. If you’re one of those people – like me – who need to have their favourite tunes on the go while typing away, then a set of quality speakers or headphones are a must!

We hope that you’ve found these simple tips helpful. For more on our excellent range of home office furniture and other accessories, check online or visit us in-store today.

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