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Our homes are always evolving, adapting to new trends and in need of new additions. Throughout our Autumn/Winter 2019 catalogue you’ll find sofas, furniture, bedding and homewares products that inspire change and fresh interior ideas.

The products presented in our AW19 catalogue have been carefully chosen not only to help you design a home you’ll enjoy in the present, but a home you’ll love for years to come.

Capsule Sofa

Capsule 0712

We all eagerly anticipate our downtime, and we each it enjoy it in our own way. However, we all share one common destination to relax: our sofa. At Harvey Norman, we understand why comfort is so important, which is why we only carry a range of sofas we know can make a difference to your life and home.

Ceres Dining Set

Ceres140Tapered panorama edit

Set yourself up for years to come with a dining set that won’t go out of fashion. With the right blend of design and quality materials, the heart of your home will be eternally attractive. These dining sets have been designed to become – and remain – inviting centrepieces that bring style into your home.

Soho Cushions

3CT1245A 1777

Our collection of home accessories features a variety of decadent designs to evoke an opulent and nostalgic feel. Turn up the vibrancy in your home by adding any of our colourful, feather-filled cushions.

Ascott Bed

Ascott Panorama edit 2 (2)

Our Classic vs Contemporary collections give you complete choice in your bedroom furniture, while elegant shapes, detailed carvings and crisp finishes can be found in abundance in our Natural Appeal collection.

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