Your Home Office Furniture List


Working and studying from home has its obvious perks. No travel expenses, extended snoozes and the comfort of your own home make it an opportunity too good to turn down. But it also has its drawbacks. Restlessness, a lack of concentration and distractions are just some of the issues you face when trying to meet deadlines from home. One way to counteract these deterrents is to create a home office. Here, you’ll be hidden away in your own work space devoid of distractions, allowing you to get your work, essay, or study done.

With that in mind we’ve put together a selection of furniture perfectly designed for a functional home office.

Porter Bookcase Grey

Ideal for that home office you’ve always dreamt of, the Porter bookcase fuses a clean aesthetic with purposeful functions. The refreshing aesthetic delivered by this bookcase is due to its choice of material and spacious design. Its painted hardwood frame, also available in white, is complemented by oak shelving which gives it a natural Scandi appeal. The four shelves offer ample storage for books, binders and office utensils.

Porter Desk Grey

Much like the matching bookcase, the Porter desk is the minimally designed master of maximising space. Its painted hardwood frame, in either grey or white, perfectly contrasts the oak top which works wonders in your home office. With plenty of space for a computer and your work material, it’s a piece dedicated to helping you beat deadlines.

Stockholm Office Chair

Cutting edge Scandinavian style is the name of the game with the Stockholm Office Chair. With its oil-treated imitation leather upholstery and sumptuous padding, this chair is the perfect partner for your home office. As well as 360° rotation, the chair’s gas lever allows you to adjust the seat to your optimum height. Lastly, leather padded slimline arms add a final touch of style.

Nest Office Chair Grey

The Nest office chair adds contemporary style while maintaining the traditional purpose of its design. This chair is perfect for the office, both at home and in work. The steel legs feature five wheels which allow you to easily navigate your work space. The winged arms are set at the optimal 90 degrees, while the foam seating and curved back create a space where you can work in comfort. The height of the seat can also be easily adjusted.

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